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SZIIT's School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conducts Exchanges on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Thailand

Time:Jan 7, 2020  View:

The Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (SZIIT) planned to make its innovation and entrepreneurship more effective and strengthen the exchange of its innovative technologies with schools and enterprises in Southeast Asia. It also planned to enhance its international influence in innovation and entrepreneurship and fulfill the innovation and entrepreneurship targets set forth in the development plan for a high-level vocational college featuring quality disciplines with Chinese characteristics. To achieve the above purposes, a delegation led by Mr. Zhan Shaobin (Deputy Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship) visited Thailand on the afternoon of January 6, 2020 (local time). The delegation conducted in-depth exchanges with representatives from Assumption University, Suwadee Pachariyangkun and other Thai schools and enterprises. The two sides discussed the collaboration between Thai schools and enterprises and SZIIT in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Pachariyangkun’s General Manager Suezie said that Shenzhen's achievements in high-tech fields such as artificial intelligence are of great interest to Thais. Thai entrepreneurs are eager to learn about China's successful innovation and entrepreneurship practices and also hope to efficiently collaborate with China on related tasks. Mr. Adam Wang, Executive Deputy Dean of Assumption University, suggested that Thailand could be set as a pilot. With the help of colleges and enterprises in Thailand, cooperation could be gradually expanded, thus allowing Thailand to be the forefront of exchanges for innovation and entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia. Eventually, innovation and entrepreneurship services will be provided to the ASEAN.

Professor Zhan Shaobin thanked the Thai schools and enterprises for their recognition and expressed strong interest in multi-party cooperation. He also hoped that the two sides could learn from each other under different cultural backgrounds and take innovation and entrepreneurship as an opportunity to ensure efficient cooperation between Chinese and Thai start-ups. However, since international innovation and entrepreneurship is affected by national conditions, the economy, culture, etc., he suggested that people could start with specific projects and then explore the international innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation models between the Chinese and Thai schools and enterprises. His ideas were agreed by all the meeting participants.

This meeting is a new starting point for SZIIT’s internationalization of innovation and entrepreneurship. It has expanded the international vision and provided new development directions for SZIIT’s innovation and entrepreneurship models. It is a milestone in SZIIT’s internationalization of innovation and entrepreneurship.

(Zhan Shaobin from the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship)