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College-Enterprise Cooperation

Visit to Shenzhen Stock Exchange -School of Finance and Economics

Time:Sep 7, 2021  View:

Program No.


Program Name

Visit to Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Program Introduction

1. Venue: Shenzhen Stock Exchange (No. 2012 Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen)

2. Duration: Half a day

3. Description: Visit the Investor Education Base and Financial Expo Center of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and listen to the introduction; Watch video materials, photos and observe historical objects thus to have a deep understanding of the investor service system in Shenzhen Stock Exchange; Experience investment education products, learn about securities and finance, understand the historical development process of the capital market, improve financial literacy, and raise awareness of financial risks.

Program Purpose

Deeply understand the investor service system of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, experience investment and education products, learn to master the knowledge of securities finance, understand the historical development of the capital market, improve financial literacy, and improve awareness of financial risk .


Dongguan Securities Futian Sales Department (23rd Floor, New World Business Center, No. 6009, Yitian Road, Fuxin Community, Lianhua Street, Futian District, Shenzhen)

Partner Introduction

Dongguan Securities takes the three major businesses of brokerage, asset management, and investment banking as its core, and actively develops capital and securities financing, debt financing, private equity, as well as consulting businesses related to NEEQ and investment. Up to now, the company has 78 branches across the country, including 75 business outlets, a self-operated investment branch in Shanghai , an asset management branch Shenzhen, and an office in Beijing. It has a wholly-owned subsidiary called Dongzheng Jinxin Investment Management Co., Ltd. (engaged in private equity fund), serving as the control share holder of Hualian Futures.

Contact Details


CAO Xiaojun (General Manager)