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College-Enterprise Cooperation

First Experience of Industrial Robots -School of Sino-German Robotics

Time:Sep 7, 2021  View:

Program No.


Program Name

First Experience of Industrial Robots

Program Introduction

1. Venue: 3-312, Zhixing Building, Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology

2. Duration: 54 periods

3. Description: Understand industrial robots, common hardware and connections of KEBA robot control system, basic operation of teach pendant, programming of straight lines and related motions, programming of arcs and related motions, setting of tool coordinates, setting of reference coordinate system

Simple palletizing programming

Program Purpose

KEBA Industrial Robot Application Engineer L1 Certification


Shenzhen Huaxing Dingsheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Partner Introduction

Shenzhen Huaxing Dingsheng Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to building a solid and effective bridge between the demand for talents in science and technology and the training of talents through education. By focusing on the areas of industrial robots, Internet of Things engineering, it takes the lead in landing the technological reformation in the intelligent manufacturing sector, and simultaneously transforming the technical achievements of enterprises into educational programs, so as to achieve the practical application of cutting-edge technologies and the transformation of education and training results. At the same time, by following the direction of national education development and with the support of enterprise-participated education policy, it has created diversified school-enterprise cooperation model (joint-construction of training base, cooperation in professional education, and independent college construction), and developed innovative brand training courses for smart makers.

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LAI Zhouyi