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College-Enterprise Cooperation

Intelligent Robot Based on ROS-School of Sino -German Robotics

Time:Sep 7, 2021  View:

Program No.


Program Name

Intelligent Robot Based on ROS

Program Introduction

1. Venue: Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics/Shenzhen NXROBO Co., Ltd., 1405, Building F, Bantian Galaxy World, Longgang District

2.Venue: 4~8 hours / 3 ~7 days(alternative)

3. Description: ROS-based intelligent robot application development, such as: mapping navigation, visual following, visual grasping control, etc.

Program Purpose

Complete a technical project required by the actual industry, such as: map navigation, visual following, visual grasping control, etc., seamlessly aligning with industry needs, which is of vital importance to employment.

Certificates: 1. Robot Open Source Operating System (ROS) Engineer, (Elementary/Intermediary/Advanced) National Certification (paid); 2. Program Certificate (free of charge)


Shenzhen NXROBO Co., Ltd.

Partner Introduction

Established in July 2015, Shenzhen NXROBO Co., Ltd.is a robot company with international vision and top technical strength, with a number of core patented technologies and more than ten years of experience in AI&Robot R&D and education.

Contact Details


LI Junjia