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Researcher in SZIIT published a paper in a top journal in the field of flexible energy storage devices

Time:Sep 7, 2021  View:

Recently, Dr. Yan Xiao from Institute of Information Technology (IIT) of SZIIT published a paper"Extrusion-based 3D-Printed Supercapacitors: Recent Progress and Challenges”(DOI:10.1002/eem2.12260)as the first author in Energy & Environmental Materials (JCR Q1, Impact Factor: 15.122), a top journal in the field.

Starting from the basic concepts of supercapacitor energy storage mechanism and device structure, the article introduces the latest research technologies for the preparation of supercapacitors, such as fused deposition molding, inkjet printing, and ink direct writing technology based on extrusion process of 3D printing, which will provide important reference for researchers engaged in 3D printing supercapacitors.