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The "Integrated Circuit Technology" major was awarded the national vocational education teaching innovation team project

Time:Aug 30, 2021  View:

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the list of the second batch of national vocational education teaching innovation team project units, and the "Integrated Circuit Technology" major applied by our institute was successfully selected, which is another major national project of our institute's teaching team after the "Software Technology" major was selected in the first batch of list in 2019.

The national-level vocational education teaching innovation team project serves the needs of high-quality development of vocational education and the pilot of the "academic certificate + multiple vocational skill level certificates" (1+X certificate) system, and is an important initiative of the national implementation of the National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan. The project aims to spend about three years to provide strong teacher support for the overall improvement of the quality of training of technical skills.

The major of "Integrated Circuit Technology" applied by our institute is a brand major in Guangdong Province, which fits the development demand of Shenzhen integrated circuit industry and is the core support force of national strategic emerging industries. The program has undertaken the work of the secretariat of the Microelectronics Technology Committee for Vocational and Technical Education, held several teacher training sessions, and communicated with nearly 50 vocational colleges and universities across China. There are 20 core members in the team. The professional background of the team teachers is mainly in integrated circuit design, semiconductor process and manufacturing, chip packaging and application development, which fits closely with the teaching requirements of this professional knowledge and skills. In the past five years, the team has hosted 4 national natural science funds, 10 provincial natural science funds and provincial science and technology projects, 15 municipal science and technology programs, completed 25 technology development projects, and carried out technical services for enterprises more than 500 times.

In the future, the School of Microelectronics will take this teaching team project as an opportunity to meet the IC industry talent demand, and promote the work of building national teaching team, demonstration and leadership. We will take the initiative to carry out the new era of education mission of "educate people for the party, educate talent for the country".