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SZIIT and DJI signed a contract to establish a drone industry academy

Time:Sep 26, 2021  View:

On September 13, a signing ceremony was held at SZIIT to build a drone industry college with Shenzhen Dajiang Baiwang Technology Co., Ltd. Xu Zhiliang, Vice President of SZIIT, and Yang Duo, Vice General Manager of DJI, attended the signing ceremony. The relevant persons in charge of Human Resources Office, Academic Affairs Office, Planning and Development Office, Scientific Research Office and School of Sino-German Robotics attended this meeting.

At the meeting, both sides made a brief introduction on the cooperation between the school and the enterprise in the early stage. Then, the cooperation agreement was signed and DJI Drone Industry academy was officially inaugurated. Vice President Xu Zhiliang pointed out that the deep integration of industry and education and the construction of school-enterprise community are of great significance to the establishment of a world-class vocational institution. The UAV application technology program should take up a high position, plan from a high starting point, and develop according to the world-class standards. We will cooperate with industries in the development of technical standards and teaching standards for drone majors, and the joint preparation of innovation-application workshops. Overall, we will strive to make a breakthrough in the cultivation of talents in drone application technology.