Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology holds conference on coordinating the recruitment and training of international students


SZIIT applied to the Department of Education of Guangdong Province in 2017 to obtain the qualification for enrolling international students and language students. SZIIT officially started recruiting its first group of international students in 2018.

In October, four international students from Laos registered at SZIIT, three of whom were enrolled in Customs Clearance and International Freight and one of which was enrolled in Communication Technology. On October 17, the School of International Exchange & Cooperation held a conference on international student management. Mr. Yang Xinbin, a member of the SZIIT Party Committee and Vice President, chaired the conference with the heads of the relevant departments and secondary colleges attending the conference. At the conference, the SZIIT International Student Management Group was established to plan and coordinate the work related to international students. Tasks were delegated and responsibilities assigned to ensure that international students will be provided with proper accommodation, study environments, financial aid, security and daily management.

On October 24, a delegation led by President Sun Yong and Vice President Yang Xinbin had a meal with our international students in Canteen A. President Sun Yong asked the international students about their lives and studies and needs and also encouraged them to learn Chinese and their profession well and to integrate into campus life as soon as possible. (The School of International Exchange & Cooperation, Text by Li Xueyuan, Photo by Li Chunke)




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