Independent recruitment opens to high school and secondary vocational school students


The “3 + Certificates” exam is only for students enrolled in secondary vocational schools, while the independent recruitment is extended to students attending high schools. It is said that the independent recruitment by SZPT and SZIIT this year will be based on the "student exam + school evaluation" model (for high school graduates), the "literacy basics + vocational skills" model (for graduates from secondary vocational schools) and the model of “no-exam admission for students who won awards in the secondary vocational skills competition”. SZIIT plans to recruit 710 students (400 high school graduates and 310 secondary vocational school graduates) through independent enrollment with SZPT planning to recruit 200 students.

In addition, Shenzhen Polytechnic (SZPT) and the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (SZIIT) will give opportunities for no-exam admission to secondary vocational school students who have won the first prize in the Guangdong Secondary Vocational School Skills Competition or the third prize or above in the National Vocational College Skills Competition during their school year.

This year's online application for independent recruitment for vocational colleges will begin on March 27 with the enrollment period closing at the end of April. It is important to note that participation in independent recruitment by vocational colleges won’t have any impact on students' college entrance exam. It means that admitted students can enroll in undergraduate universities, but not in three-year junior colleges.

Report by Wu Ji




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